About us

Hello everyone my name is Amaya,

I am a stay at home mom and the owner of Things That Make Me Happy. It has been a dream of mine since I was young to be able to run my own business. My vision is to make natural & organic products related to self care that are not only affordable but the best quality. All of my products are hand made with love and all natural ingredients. my candles are made from natural soy wax free of toxins/chemicals & carcinogens, unlike paraffin wax candles you get from your local stores, they are safer for the environment and for use around your children and pets.
I came up with the idea of a self care boutique of all the things that make me happy, as I myself have struggled with my mental health since a young age and sometimes you just need a little pick me up to make you feel good, wether that be lighting a new candle after a long day, taking an extra long self care shower with a new sugar scrub to make you look and feel great or even something as small as applying a little lip balm to keep your lips from cracking. Taking care of yourself is the first step to feeling your best, Remember even if its just a small step! You are loved even if you don’t feel it, I care about each and every single one of you and always remember this is a safe space free of judgement, criticism, hate etc.

Thank you for supporting my dreams you are so greatly appreciated.